Is Nicholas Brody going to be in series 4 of Homeland?

Showrunner Alex Gansa has confirmed that Damian Lewis was on set, but that his character Brody is definitely dead...

Was anyone else confused by rumours that Damian Lewis was spotted on the set of Homeland? 


We were. Ten months after the series three finale we’d just about got our heads around the fact that Nicholas Brody was dead, gone and never to be seen again – and then all that was thrown into uncertainty again. 

Thankfully, showrunner Alex Gansa is on hand to clear up any confusion. 

“I can confirm that, yes, Damian Lewis was in Cape Town on the set,” he revealed.

Or at least we thought he was… 

“But I can also confirm Nicholas Brody is dead,” he adds. 

Homeland’s showrunner Gansa has been talking to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming series. As you might expect his interview is full of confusing statements and BIG spoilers about the first episode – avoid unless you really, really can’t resist – as well as some intriguing tidbits about what we can expect from Carrie, who we know for sure is alive and starring in season four… 

“What [Carrie] did at the end of last year, arguably sending the man she loved to his death, is something she’s having an incredibly difficult time facing,” he says, adding: “She’s in an extreme place emotionally and cut off from her grief, and it’s causing her to behave in ways that are upsetting to her.”


Homeland returns to Channel 4 on Sunday 12th October