Downton Abbey series 5: Will Lady Mary marry Lord Gillingham?

After their week in a hotel room, it looks like we might be back to square one on the suitor front...

Dear me, it looks like Lady Mary isn’t any closer to finding herself a husband. 


There we were thinking that an illicit week in adjoining hotel rooms was going to be enough to secure an engagement between Mary and her suitor Lord Gillingham – it’s definitely what Mary was hoping would happen – only, her savvy plan seems not to have worked.

Instead, it appears that a week spent between the sheets with the eligible bachelor has actually turned her off the idea of saying ‘I do.’ Well, to Gillingham at least. 

Talking to Branson after her sexy trip, Mary said: “I don’t know, I’m not sure. I had [settled on Gillingham] I think but now I seem to have unsettled.”

“We’d never spent much time together until recently and when we did I began to wonder how much we really had in common,” she continued. 

“I wasn’t seeing him clearly but now I do. He’s a nice man – a very nice man – but not… I think my judgement was rather clouded by…,” she says, referencing her obvious attraction to him, “but I seem to have got over that now.”

It appears that when it comes to Gillingham, it was in fact lust, not love, that was driving Mary’s affections. 

So, does that mean Charles Blake is back in with a chance?


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV