Downton Abbey series 5: Is Robert and Cora’s marriage in trouble?

Sunday's dramas involving Simon Bricker London didn't leave the pair on the best of terms...

Robert and Cora’s marriage looks like it could be on the rocks after tonight’s episode of Downton Abbey. 


And it’s not the first time. The pair have had struggles in the past around the time when Robert kissed that maid – and when he may or may not have played a part in Lady Sybil’s death – but this time it’s Cora who seems to have caused the trouble…

Sunday’s episode saw Cora perusing art exhibitions with Simon Bricker in London while Robert stayed at the Abbey. Or so Cora thought. 

Robert was actually planning on travelling across the country to surprise Cora, but when he arrived at Aunt Rosamund’s things weren’t exactly how he’d imagined, as Cora was actually out on the town with Bricker.

“It was meant to be a surprise,” he said, lounging sinisterly on the sofa in his dinner jacket. “I got a table at Claridges so we could make a night of it.”

“I travelled to London in order to give my wife a treat only to find she’s out dining with another man,” he continued. 

When Cora protested that Bricker only wanted to discuss the paintings they’d seen together – “Why is that so hard to believe?” – Robert turned a touch nastier. 

“Bricker was interested in discussing the pictures with you?” Robert spat out. “That an art expert would find your observations on the work of Piero della Francesca impossible to resist? Yes. It is hard to believe.”

And Cora didn’t take Robert’s reaction well, saying to her husband when they were back in Yorkshire: “We both know you place no value on my opinions.”

It looks like Robert, who is known for being rude and obtuse on a daily basis, might have an issue on his hands. After Simon Bricker was so charming, complimentary and interested in what Cora had to say we’d be surprised if she didn’t take him up on his offer to see her again…


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV