The Returned series two begins filming and reveals new plot details

The French zombie drama - also known as Les Revenants - is currently shooting in north and eastern France

Cast your mind back to June 2013 and you’ll recall the burst of fresh air that was French zombie drama The Returned. Also known as Les Revenants, the eight-part supernatural series visited a small town, nestled in the mountains, where residents grappled with the return of their dead. 


These weren’t the sort of zombies we’ve come to expect from 28 Days Later and World War Z. The Returned’s deceased look just like you and I, only they bring a series of strange phenomena to this tight-knit French community still struggling to come to terms with their losses. 

The series enchanted viewers, both in Britain and France, and is currently being remade for American audiences (sounds familiar, eh?) but for over a year we’ve been awaiting an explanation for series one’s gigantic cliffhanger. (Pity the French, they’ve been waiting since December 2012.)

The good news? It’s on its way, with the news this week that filming has resumed on the eagerly anticipated second series, continuing in the French regions of Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France until March 2015. The new batch of eight episodes is expected to land on Channel 4 in the UK next year, but in the meantime we’ve got some new plot details to whet your appetites…

The series picks up six months after the deceased gathered outside the Helping Hand shelter, before disappearing into the mountains taking Simon, Julie, Victor, Camille and Claire with them and leaving the town flooded in their wake. Since then, nothing’s been heard of them, or the police who fought to protect the town’s residents.

Half a year on and Adele is about to give birth to Simon’s child. Part of the town is still flooded – and the dam remains under surveillance – with the army providing logistical support for those residents who’ve chosen to stay. 

Rumours abound that the dead have returned, but the authorities refuse to believe them. Several witnesses choose to remain silent, among them Lena and her father Jerome, who have not given up hope of finding Claire and Camille. 

But when a mysterious man named Berg pays a visit to the town, it appears he knows more than he claims. Especially when a new wave of resurrections begin… 


Everyone is back for the second series, with the addition of French actor Laurent Lucas, and they’re mighty pleased about it (as are we). Here’s actress Ana Girardot posing for a snap with her script: