The Bridge 2 body count was “ridiculously high” says its creator and will be cut for series 3

Series two of The Bridge had nearly 40 dead bodies over the course of its ten episodes – but series three promises to be more restrained according to creator Hans Rosenfeldt

* Spoilers if you haven’t seen Bridge series 1 and 2 yet *


Series two of Scandi Noir classic The Bridge harvested a grim tally of nearly 40 dead bodies over the course of its ten episodes with people getting poisoned, shot, infected with a plague and very often dissolved in acid following their demise.

But those of a squeamish disposition will be glad to hear that these deaths were “too many” according to creator and writer Hans Rosenfeldt, who promises to lower the number of corpses for the next one.

“I think the last season’s body count was up to like 37, it was something around that, ridiculously high,” he told me when we met in Malmo, Sweden, where much of the series is filmed (that’s me and him in the picture below, by the way).

Rosenfeldt added that The Bridge 3 will involve a “smaller case” which as we already know will see Sofia Helin return as Saga Norén but without her screen partner Kim Bodnia who has quit the show and will not appear as Martin Rohde.

“Rather than a male partner we’re going to build a team,” he said, adding that he tried to persuade Bodnia to stay on the show.

The writer said that the third series will explore more of Saga’s back story, especially the storyline involving the suicide of her sister which surfaced in series two.


But you’ll have to wait a while for all this. The new ten-part series starts filming next month and is due to air in September 2015 in Scandinavia. This means that it might not come to the UK until as late as spring 2016.