Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael had a “hysterical” time filming the fire scenes

The Crawley's ancestral home could have been burned to the ground, but it was all fun, games and silliness on set

Tonight’s episode of Downton Abbey saw the Crawley’s aristocratic pile threatened by fire. 


After Lady Edith threw a book belonging to Gregson into the embers, accidentally starting a fire in her bedroom, flames were poised to race their way through the Abbey, licking at priceless paintings and turning beaded dinner gowns to ash. 

It could have been horribly traumatic although, according to Laura Carmichael, who plays Edith, the scenes were actually a lot of fun to film… 

“It was fun! Such a weird day having a lot of stunt men in and six firemen,” she told “[It was] one of those exhilarating thrill-seeking things when you know you’re safe but it feels quite dangerous. Somehow that makes it quite fun and silly even though it should be dangerous and frightening.”

Carmichael, who bares the brunt of the smoke and flames, mainly enjoyed getting some one-on-one time with Rob James-Coller, who plays Thomas – and is known to be a bit of a joker on set.

“[It’s] very funny always to work with Rob James-Collier, especially under those circumstances – it’s hysterical!”

Not that it was all fun and games… 

“He had to rest his arms a few times, which obviously makes you feel great!” she added.


Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV