Would David Tennant do third version of Broadchurch in another country?

“The trouble is, my French isn’t that good,” jokes actor who says US remake Gracepoint felt very different in his bones

Actor David Tennant has been busy working on Gracepoint, a US remake of the hugely popular ‘whodunnit’ drama Broadchurch. It’s not an usual feeling the actor says of reprising a role, given he’s used to performing the same play night after night on stage. In fact, even the idea of a third re-modelling of the story has him thinking up ideas. 


“The trouble is, my French isn’t that good,” Tennant jokes to Entertainment Weekly adding, “But I’m taking Icelandic lessons, so fingers crossed!” 

Gracepoint will have familiar shades to Broadchurch – Tennant is returning to the role of Detective Inspector (although his name swaps from Alec Hardy to Emmett Carver) – but it’s certainly not a simple re-telling. 

“You’re telling it with different people and telling – at times – a different story,” Tennant explains. “[The roles] felt very different in my bones.

“It would be odious to compare [the endings]. What they have is a very different note, which is thrilling for me. There’s a real thrill to come… and surprising, I think. It’s hard to form a sentence that doesn’t give something away.”

Tennant has had to adopt an American accent for the part and co-star Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) says she hasn’t had to give him any tips. 

“No! When you’re in a scene with somebody you’re not paying attention to that, you’re paying attention to the human being sitting across from you – and his accent’s good.”

The pair admit they’ve found a way to keep days on set light, given the serious nature of the drama, with a little help from Cagney & Lacey. 

“I’ve probably got about 20 photographs on my phone of us pointing guns in a Cagney & Lacey manner,” Tennant reveals. 

“It was a continual Cagney & Lacey meme. It probably drove everybody else mad, but we found it hilarious.”

“I still do,” jokes Gunn. 


Gracepoint airs in the US in October and is expected to be shown on ITV at a later date