The Misfits movie “will not happen”

Producers call time on making a big screen version of the Bafta-winning E4 series Misfits

Plans to make a movie version of the hit E4 series Misfits have finally been abandoned, understands.


A script for the big screen outing of the British drama – which centred on a group of teenage delinquents who acquired superhuman powers after a mysterious storm – had been written by the show’s creator Howard Overman. 

Misfits began in 2009, with the final episode of series five airing on 11 December 2013. It won a number of awards including the Bafta best drama series prize in 2010.

The movie version was said to involve a variety of the characters who appeared in the five series, including the original line up of Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Robert Sheehan. 

However it is understood that the project will now not happen because of a number of issues, one of which is said to be cast availability.

Antonia Thomas, the actress who played Alisha Daniels in the first three series, told that she believed the project had been shelved.

She said: “There was all sorts of talk about it. We read scripts and I think it’s now not happening. I haven’t heard anything. I think it’s just difficult to get everybody together. Everybody is doing such different things. Maybe they think everybody has moved on, I don’t know. You never say never but I have not heard anything of it of late.

“It was a really cool script, kind of getting the old gang back together, it could have been a lot of fun.”

Thomas can, however, be seen in the new Channel 4 comedy Scrotal Recall as Evie, the love interest of the central character, Dylan Witter, played by folk singer Johnny Flynn.

In the six-part comedy Dylan has just been diagnosed with the STD Chlamydia and has to track down all his former sexual partners to warn them that they may also be infected.

Thomas said that she would like to make another series of Scrotal Recall if the first is a success: “There is so much room for at least a second series and we would want to explore it more.”


Scrotal Recall stars on Channel 4 on Thursday 2nd October