Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens: Filming my first drama Glue was terrifying

“I was sh**ting myself. I didn’t even do GCSE drama or anything, it was nuts”

Jordan Stephens, one half of hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks, has revealed he was left terrified by his first foray into acting.


Speaking at the launch last night of the new E4 drama Glue, in which he plays the wayward teen Rob, Stephens revealed: “I was sh**ting myself. I didn’t even do GCSE drama or anything, it was nuts. I think it was a very new experience for me. I was grilled at the audition. I had five or six auditions. I didn’t walk into the situation. It was kind of ‘Can you act?’ and I was [high-pitched voice] “I dunno!’.”

Stephens said he was particularly daunted when filming his first scene opposite Billy Howie who plays Rob’s best friend James.

“I was in shock at how amazing Billy was. I was, like, f**king hell he is really crying. But hopefully it got better from then on.”

Written by Jack Thorne, of This Is England ’86 and ’88, Skins and The Fades fame, Glue is a murder mystery set in the countryside around Newbury and stars a range of young talent including Charlotte Spencer who plays Jordan’s girlfriend Tina, or Tin Tin as she is known.

It follows a group of disaffected young people contending with the death of their friend Cal. The identity of the murderer will be revealed at the end of the eight-part series which has already drawn comparisons to the hit ITV drama Broadchurch and has spawned the Twitter hashtag #whokilledCal.

The first episode of Glue begins on E4 at 10pm


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