See more of David Tennant and Anna Gunn in new Gracepoint trailer

The US Broadchurch remake arrives overseas next month and there's a thumping new trailer to go with it

The US remake of critically-acclaimed ITV drama Broadchurch isn’t far off for overseas viewers, which means there’s a brand new trailer to enjoy. 


Gracepoint sees David Tennant return to the role of detective inspector in this chilling ‘whoddunit’. Although he’s Emmett Carver now, not Alec Hardy, with an American accent to boot. Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn is by his side as DI Ellie Miller and they’ve got a suspected homicide to deal with. 

Locals are turning on their friends as they try to uncover the truth, but Carver is unwavering in his confidence that the killer will be found. 

The plot won’t play out exactly the same way as Broadchurch and it’s thought ITV will air Gracepoint in the UK at a later date.