Andrew Scott: Sherlock and Moriarty are “obsessed” with each other

Enemies? Yes. But there's more to it than that when it comes to Scott's Moriarty and Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock

Sherlock looks set to come face to face with villainous Moriarty once again in the next series of the BBC1 drama, but while they’re enemies, they’re also deeply interested in each other says star Andrew Scott. 


“Well, they are absolutely obsessed with each other,” Scott tells Attitude magazine of his Moriarty to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. “There has to be a line… the lines are blurred between love and hate.”

There’s other lines that appear to be being blurred too as Scott jokes he receives a lot of explicit fan-fiction. 

“Oh my god, it’s the drawings and the photos! It’s most women doing it… you’re put with quite an array of different people. 

“I think it’s done by librarians,” he jokes. 

Well, we’ve got to do something to keep ourselves busy between series, haven’t we? 

The most recent series of the show, which also stars Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson, left viewers with the chilling reappearance of Moriarty. He was thought to be dead after that series two finale on the roof the of St Barts hospital, but seemingly he’s back and up to his old tricks. The words “Did you miss me?” eerily written across television screens heralding his return.


How he’ll challenge Sherlock in the coming series remains to be seen. But the BBC has promised the “most shocking and surprising series yet” with filming on a stand-alone special and three-part series starting filming in January 2015.