Ripper Street returns for series 3 filming: “It’s going to be quite a ride”

The axed BBC1 period drama is back on location in Manchester to film the third season

Inspector Edmund Reid is back on the case. 


Dark period drama Ripper Street, which was cancelled by the BBC last year, has started filming its third run after Amazon Prime Instant Video revived the series earlier this year.

BBC1 announced the drama’s cancellation back in December and sparked outrage from the show’s fans. 

“It’s a day many of us thought we’d never see,” said writer and creator Richard Warlow, adding: “It is particularly wonderful to be able to say that cameras are rolling on Ripper Street once more.” 

The cast of the drama, Matthew McFadyen, Jerome Flynn and MyAnna Buring, are back on set today – and are clearly very excited. 

McFadyen said he was “delighted” to be back with more “thoroughly brilliant, gripping and heart-rending episodes,” while Buring said of her character “It’s so exciting to be able to come back and continue Long Susan’s journey… And to know it was made possible by the support of fans of the show makes it all the more special.”

Jerome Flynn added: “I am just thrilled that we are getting the chance to do another season of Ripper.”

Of the much-anticipated new series, he teased: “All I can say is that what I’ve seen of the scripts so far is very exciting. We really hit the ground running dramatically and all our characters are taken on intense journeys. It’s going to be quite a ride.”

The third run of the Victorian crime drama – which will be available exclusively on the streaming service before airing on BBC1 a few months later – is being filmed in Manchester, Loughborough and Dublin. 


Ripper Street, which first aired in 2012, stars Matthew Macfadyen as Whitechapel’s Inspector Reid, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg as his crime-fighting partners Sergeant Drake and Captain Jackson and MyAnna Buring as brothel madam Long Susan.