Twelve things we learnt from 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub

The actress behind Jack Bauer's right hand woman discusses 24's future, fantasising about Kiefer Sutherland and why Chloe's had a gothic makeover

1. Live Another Day was originally meant to be a one-off. “I know that originally they had planned for these twelve [episodes] to wrap up the entire story and franchise and then the seed of the idea they had grew and everybody involved got really excited about how good it was turning out.” So…


2. THERE WILL *PROBABLY* BE MORE 24. “I would be very shocked if they didn’t keep going just based on the experience of making this and the excitement for the show but we’ll see. It’s a very different world now in terms of all the shows that are out and their calibre. 24 was very unique and alone when it first aired.

3. Live Another Day is still being filmed – and even the cast don’t know how it turns out… “We’re on episode nine and ten and I still don’t know what’s going to happen to my character, in particular with any of the storylines in eleven and twelve because there are so many twists and turns and ‘Oh my God’ moments. If my character manages to live through this twelve then I would absolutely be on board [for future series].”

4. Chloe’s gone underground. “She’s become very disillusioned by the government from what she learned at the end of series eight – the secrets and all that they were doing – and she’s become very anti-government. She works for a company which is similar to Wikileaks, giving out information and government secrets to the public.

5. This series sees Chloe get a gothy makeover. “She’s also suffered personal tragedy which is why her look has changed so dramatically – she’s in a lot of personal pain and has a real ‘F**k You’ attitude and chip on her shoulder towards the world. Her look is reflectant of that and I think she’s also trying to hide a little bit from the pain she’s in. 

6. 24 is no longer in real time but don’t worry, the clock’s still there. “It still takes place in a day, there’s still a ticking clock and for me, reading it, it still feels like old 24. The twelve hours is just fudging ahead time, frankly. If Jack gets on a plane and flies somewhere we won’t put the whole slide in there. It skips ahead a bit. Big cheat. 

7. We all want to be Jack Bauer. “I think people fantasise that they are Jack Bauer and that, for better or worse, it’s a depiction of a guy taking right and wrong into his own hands and doing some stuff that’s good but then also a lot of stuff that’s not that great. I think it’s an escape for people. Do I think that ‘s a 100% healthy escape? Probably not. Is it better than shooting heroin? Yes, it is. 

8. The cast know they’ve got to live up to expectations. “Kiefer’s a bit of a perfectionist and he was very excited. He told us, ‘We can make this good, we have an opportunity to rise to the occasion and it’s got to be bigger and better.’ Everyone who’s involved in it is very aware of that so we’ll see. I’m excited to see how it’s received.” 

9. Anyone settling down in front of a 24 box set should… “Be prepared to want to stay up all night and not turn the TV off. And don’t drink coffee before you watch the show.”

10. 24 could have a future with Netflix or Amazon. “I definitely think that 24 would be suited for that. If people like it even half as much as I think they’re going to like it, they’re going to want more. It’s really interesting now because fans are having to wait a year and a half, two years for their favourite shows. Yes, the calibre of the productions is better but it still takes so much time to produce the shows. 

11. It took her a while to catch the Jack Bauer bug. “I didn’t really watch 24 before I was on it but I know so many people who have bonded with their families over it.

12. Live Another Day has got “the Spice of London”. I think London’s brought a whole new worldliness to the show, physically and narratively. And also the mood of it – the grittiness and fogginess. For me personally, being over here just to film 24 with a whole new crew has just given it a completely different feel. 

24: Live Another Day hits UK screens on Wednesday 7 May at 9:00pm on Sky1, although any nocturnal fans can watch a live simulcast of the US premiere on Tuesday 6 May at 1:00amWatch the trailer below: