Sherlock actress Oona Chaplin – Watson dumping me was “his loss”

The Crimson Field and Game of Thrones actress jokes that Watson has made a mistake in marrying Mary - but doesn't rule out a return to the series

Oona Chaplin – the actress who played John Watson’s short-lived love interest in Sherlock episode A Scandal in Belgravia – maintains that Martin Freeman’s character has lost out by not sticking with teacher Jeanette.


In a jokey aside during an interview with, the Games of Thrones and Crimson Field actress said that Watson’s marriage on the show to Mary Morstan (played by Freeman’s real partner Amanda Abbington) was “his loss”.

“It is his loss, he doesn’t know what he is missing,” joked Chaplin, who said she could still return to the show. “You never know.”

In what she describes as a “blink and you’ll miss it cameo” her character is treated badly by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and eventually dumps John after claiming he always puts Sherlock first.

“My friends are wrong, you are a great boyfriend,” says Jeanette. “Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man.”

Chaplin is currently waiting to see if she will be in a second run of The Crimson Field and whether a US cop show pilot called Hoke, in which she stars as a Cuban police officer alongside Paul Giamatti, gets the green light. Until then, she is as “free as a bird”.