Dominic West on taking over American television and going to the South Pole with Prince Harry

The man who broke the States as Jimmy McNulty in The Wire tells us all about trekking to the South Pole with Prince Harry

As Jimmy McNulty in The Wire, Dominic West was the self-proclaimed first Brit to take over American television – and he certainly wasn’t the last, with plenty more crossing the pond in recent years to make their name in the States. Now, he’s doing it again in new series The Affair co-starring Ruth Wilson. “It’s all Brits and we’re playing Americans,” he told at last night’s Bafta TV Awards Nominations party.


The Burton and Taylor star – who is up for the leading actor award at next month’s ceremony – also spent a chunk of last year trekking to the South Pole alongside Prince Harry. “I was brought along as a celebrity to get media interest and it was very clear quite early on that he’s a huge celebrity. It’s nice when your excuse for being there is eclipsed – you don’t have to be a celebrity because you’ve got a much bigger one.”