Tiger King 2 explores theory that Don Lewis is still alive

The highly-anticipated sequel to Netflix hit Tiger King explores theories around Don Lewis's disappearance.

Don Lewis in Tiger King 2

The new season of Tiger King launched on Netflix this morning and while the five-part series revisits Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin after the events of season one, it also dives deeper into the disappearance of Baskin’s husband Don Lewis.


Tiger King season two looks at additional theories around the whereabouts of Don Lewis, who went missing in August 1997, including one where the big cat owner may still be alive in Costa Rica.

The show’s second and third episodes examine whether Lewis, who regularly flew to Costa Rica from Florida and owned multiple properties there, may be living in the Central American country under a new name, with Lewis’s attorney Joseph Fritz telling the documentary that there are “federal reports of him alive and well in Costa Rica”.

The documentary then shows a Homeland Security document, which reads: “Lewis owns property in Costa Rica and has travelled regularly. In the latter part of August 1997, Lewis’s wife Carole filed a missing persons report.

“[Redacted] has learned that Don Lewis is currently alive and well in Costa Rica. Lewis has loaned money to various individuals and could live quite well. Lewis could reside in Costa Rica indefinitely.”

Season two also looks at the possibility that he was killed by shady business associates or the families of young women he’d been having affairs with in Costa Rica.

Lewis’s chauffeur in Costa Rica, Alex Mora, told the documentary: “During his last few trips, Don looked worried. He told me he was in danger.

“He said it was over money. He had some problems with some people in the US. They were really bad men,” he added.


The true crime docuseries is a sequel to Netflix’s hit show Tiger King, which looked at the big cat industry in America’s southern states.

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