The long-running History channel is disappearing from our schedules - but will return as something much more exciting.


The History channel is being rebranded as Sky HISTORY, and will be relaunching with several new documentaries featuring the likes of William Shatner, Jeff Daniels and many more.

Here's everything you need to know about Sky's new channel...

What is Sky HISTORY?

As part of their new push into factual programming with Sky Nature and Sky Documentaries, Sky and A+E Networks are rebranding the History channel as Sky HISTORY.

Available as both a live channel and on demand, Sky HISTORY will give Sky customers the chance to see innovative UK documentaries and premium history imports whenever they like.

"Sky is proud to become the new home of factual with our channels Sky Documentaries, Sky Nature and Sky HISTORY, said Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content at Sky.

"These services will offer our customers an unrivalled destination for brand new, world-class programming as well as an extensive on demand library of the world’s best factual shows. It’s important to bring our customers closer to the content they love in the quickest and easiest way possible.”

When does Sky HISTORY launch in the UK?

Sky HISTORY will launch on Wednesday 27th May alongside Sky Nature and Sky Documentaries.

The History channel will no longer be available on the EPG, and instead, Sky HISTORY will broadcast on channel 123 for Sky UK users.

What new shows are coming to Sky HISTORY?

The UnXplained

From the producers of cult favourite Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained sees William Shatner himself boldly go where no man has gone before as he talks to scientists, historians and witnesses as he attempts to uncover how the impossible can happen. Clearly showing that History's more out-there offerings will continue under the rebrand, this is for those intrigued by the more supernatural aspects of history.

Available from 9th June

Ancient Superstructures

A more grounded history documentary, Ancient Superstructures will delve into the engineering mysteries of some of the world's oldest structures, using different perspectives of scale to shed new light on these mysterious monuments. From satellite imagery and aerial views to up-close ground studies, this documentary approaches these age-old marvels from every angle.

Available from 1st June

Secret Wars Uncovered

Not your typical history documentary, Secret Wars Uncovered takes a deep dive into some of the most controversial, covered up and shocking military operations since World War Two. Backed up by some beautiful CG animation, military experts and army personnel explain what the CIA and SAS were really supposedly doing.

More like this

Available from 19th June


A no holds barred, brutally honest account of America's founding father, Washington chips away at the President's marbled image to show the truth behind the legend. It has some starpower making its case - Jeff Daniels serves as narrator, while Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin produces the show.

Available from 4th July

The Curse of Oak Island: Specials

Brand new special episodes perfect for longtime fans and newcomers to Oak Island alike, each episode will feature in-depth discussions of the titular Oak Island and the legendary treasure supposedly hidden on its shores. Look out for special guests, including William Shatner popping up on Sky HISTORY yet again.

Secrets in the Ice

A search for treasure of a different kind, Secrets in the Ice sees scientists and historians head to some of the most remote regions on Earth to reveal mysteries frozen in time. Using CGI recreations, advanced scanning techniques and scientific research, this series investigates how such curiosities need up there - and ponders what else is still frozen in the ice...

What else is on Sky History?

History Channel fans need not worry - all the original regular series will still be available to watch.

Master bladesmiths will continue to recreate iconic weapons in Forged in Fire, while Treasures Decoded will uncover more centuries-old secrets.

The search for the legendary Yamashita treasure goes ever on in Lost Treasures of WW2, while Old Smokey and Josh Macuga enjoy vintage culinary delights in Eating History.

How can I get Sky HISTORY?

If you’re already a Sky customer, you’ll have access to the new channel at no extra cost, both live and on demand. If not you can find out more about getting Sky here.

And all the content from the channel will also be available through a NOW TV entertainment pass, which is currently available for £7.99 a month – or a seven-day free trial if you want to give it a go before committing.


You will be able to find Sky HISTORY and more on our TV Guide