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Exclusive – Matt Baker reveals his new puppies find their “forever homes” in the Our Farm in the Dales finale

The Countryfile presenter has given an exclusive update on his litter of Cairn Terrier puppies after last week's episode.

Matt Baker
Published: Wednesday, 14th April 2021 at 5:34 pm

Matt Baker has teased more about the litter of puppies featured in last week's Our Farm in the Dales episode, revealing that all six finally find their permanent owners in the series finale.


The puppies – each named after breakfast food, having been born in the morning – made their TV debut in episode two, when Baker's children Luke and Molly met them for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with, Baker provided an update on his dog's new Cairn Terrier puppies.

"They're really lovely. I mean, they've all now gone off to their forever homes as you'll find out in episode four," he said.

The Cairn Terrier puppies
The Cairn Terrier puppies More4

"They were a fantastic litter, they really were beautiful. The mum was fantastic and dad's brilliant – Fergus. Bibby and Fergus – that's the mum and dad. They raised them brilliantly and, again, a fabulous litter and just another of the animal characters that so many people have been commenting on.

"That's the thing with our mixed farm – and with it being an organic farm as well – so much wildlife as well. People seem to have just really enjoyed spending time I suppose with us as a family and feeling likeyou've had a bit of a weekend away with the Bakers, you know?"

On what else fans can expect from the upcoming episodes, the former One Show presenter said that the final episode focuses on the "heart of the farm": the courtyard.

"We start looking at that, thinking, 'Right, how can we make this more efficient and more user-friendly?' and stuff like that, so we do bits and pieces with the courtyard.

Matt Baker's mum Janice holding Bagel the puppy
Matt Baker's mum Janice holding Bagel the puppy More4

"We start looking ahead at multiplying the breeds that we've got, which is a really exciting time. When you start bringing new females on, then we think, 'Right, well we need to get some males in,' so that's the heartbeat of that going forward; it's putting in the new males so that we can get lambs in the spring.

"And so there's a real feeling that it's all come together really and you start to really see the plans of the farm taking shape and moving forward in the way that we hoped it would."

Our Farm in the Dales, which currently airs weekly on More4, follows the Countryside presenter as he moves his family from Hertfordshire to his family's Durham farm after his mum Janice suffers a serious injury.


Our Farm in the Dales continues tonight at 9pm on More4. To find out what’s on TV tonight, check out our TV Guide or visit our Documentaries hub for all the latest news.


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