Much has changed since 1998, not least the entertainment industry’s approach to heart-throbs who happen to be uninterested in the opposite sex. There has been a huge shake-up in such attitudes since, but arguably one man did more to shift the tectonic plates than anyone else.


George Michael was a shy lad from north London whose genius for pop music and boy-next-door good looks made him a pin-up in the '80s and '90s. He also happened to be gay. Not that he talked about his sexuality, until one day in April 1998 when he effectively outed himself in Beverly Hills.

It’s hard now to fathom the furore that followed, but it was a tabloid scandal that rocked the world and led to Michael becoming not just a pop icon but also an agent of social change.

This week, Channel 4 is showing George Michael: Outed, a two-part documentary to mark the quarter-century since the story broke, and in the latest issue of Radio Times magazine, Michael’s partner at the time, Kenny Goss, and his cousin Andros Georgiou speak about their memories of him, what really happened and how the man they loved emerged so strongly from it.

George Michael Radio Times cover

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George Michael: Outed airs at 9pm on Channel 4 on 6th and 7th March.

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