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David Beckham should be a full-time travel presenter says Michael Palin

The former Python and veteran travel presenter says Beckham shows he's a “good observer” on his new BBC1 show David Beckham into the Unknown

Published: Monday, 2nd June 2014 at 12:09 pm

David Beckham has made his first travel programme and has just received the stamp of approval from the very best – Michael Palin.


Palin today told Becks that BBC1 show David Beckham Into the Unknown, in which he travelled with three friends into the heart of the Amazon jungle, showed aspects of the footballing megastar he had not seen before.

While Palin admitted that parts of it were "more David Beckham than David Attenborough", he added: “I hope you do do some more because the combination works really well. It works well. You are a good observer. You are not pushing your own ideas."

Beckham also seems keen to make more. Despite the discomforts experienced on the trip he said he wanted to do another travelogue "without a doubt".

“This is something I would definitely like to continue doing,” he said today at a question and answer session chaired by Palin in central London.

In David Beckham Into the Unknown the footballer is shown contending with various dangers on the trip, including a brightly coloured frog and a snake.

When meeting Amazonian tribespeople, he discovers some of them don’t even know what football is. He joked today "It is the first time I have ever had to explain what soccer is to anybody apart from Victoria."

During his long career Palin has made a string of travel classics including Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days and Full Circle with Michael Palin. His most recent series was on Brazil and aired on BBC1 in 2012.

David Beckham Into the Unknown airs on BBC1 on 9 June at 8:30pm


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