Charli D’Amelio has “no regrets” over scenes included in Disney Plus’ The D’Amelio Show

The TikTok star and her family are the focus of Disney Plus' new docuseries The D'Amelio Show.

Charli D'Amelio

Charli D’Amelio has said that she has “no regrets” over certain moments filmed for The D’Amelio Show – Disney Plus and Hulu’s new docuseries about the TikTok influencer and her family.


Speaking to and other outlets at a press conference for the show, D’Amelio said that she doesn’t wish scenes in which she “was very vulnerable” were cut from the docuseries.

“I have no regrets. I think everything I said was my true feelings and I honestly, I feel like no matter what the response is to this docuseries, I know that I put my life out there and I was very vulnerable.

“I can learn from it, I can grow from it but absolutely nothing that I regret,” she added.

The show, which arrived on Disney Plus today, follows the 16-year-old, her older sister Dixie and their parents Heidi and Marc as they navigate Charli’s sudden celebrity status after she gained over 150 million followers in less than a year.

The eight-part series looks as Charli’s battle with online trolls, Dixie’s decision to pursue a music career in LA and their parents’ difficulties in protecting their daughters from the darker side of fame while adjusting to life in Hollywood.

As for what she hopes fans take away from the series, Charli hopes that her fans get a better insight into her life and how she manages her TikTok success.

“I hope people understand us a little bit more and don’t take every little rumour that they hear about us as true, and I hope that they see how we are, how we’re doing this, how we’re handling this. I mean this is a crazy life that we’re living in. We’re learning every day how we’re supposed to do it.”

Charli’s sister Dixie, who has amassed over 78 million followers herself, said that she was proud of how much Charli opened up in the show when watching it back.

“I feel like seeing her be so stressed and losing interest in the things she loves but also trying to plan to gain that interest back was so fun to watch because I saw it first-hand and I saw her fall in love with dancing and everything, and her not having the time for it, I feel we all saw how much it affected her.

“But I was just so interested in her story because I don’t live with them, I don’t get to see her every single day and we don’t really talk about our feelings too much to each other because we usually just try to keep it positive so it was really cool to watch and I’m very proud of her.”


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