Channel 4’s Twitter gave Channel 5’s Twitter some sass over #ch5documentaries

The hashtag threw up some wildly surreal ideas for TV shows - but who should be taking notes, Channel 5 or Channel 4?


It’s fair to say that when it comes to its documentary output, Channel 5 tends to occupy a certain niche. Hence Wednesday’s trending hashtag #ch5documentaries, which saw Twitter users pitching some of their own ideas to the broadcaster.


They took the concept and really ran with it. In fact, I feel like some of these might be actual Mighty Boosh sketches…

Anyway you get the idea. Weird, surreal, funny and, just occasionally, not a million miles off the mark.

But guess who else got involved? Only Channel 5’s next door neighbours Channel 4, asking if they were taking notes…

On one hand, a nice bit of internet banter. On the other: pot, kettle, black.

Remember, Channel 4 came up with the original concept for the controversial Benefits Street. They also showed The Man with the 10 Stone Testicles. Oh, and Half Ton Mum. And The Boy Who Gave Birth To His Twin, The Man Who Ate His Lover and, who could forget, Curse of the Mermaid.


It looks like Channel 4 should probably be taking notes too…