How to be good at Tinder

From choosing profile pictures to first date no-nos, we've asked expert Tinder users for their crucial advice on how to impress potential love interests on the hit dating app...

Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish, My Single Friend. All these possibilities make for an exciting dating world. But the endless apps are also quite tiring, and we’re pretty sure that finding your perfect match used to be a simpler affair. 


Yep, the world of Tinder is a tricky one, as shown in new Channel 4 documentary The Secret World of Tinder (tonight, 10pm). So, we hunted down an array of seasoned Tinder users (who are opting to remain anonymous) to gather crucial advice on using the app. From getting the best matches to avoiding awkward situations, here’s our definitive guide to surviving Tinder…

Choosing your profile picture

Do upload more than one photo: “You want a few pictures so you can get a sense of their interests and what their friends are like.”

Don’t upload a group photo: “I mean how the f*** are you meant to know who they are?”

…or one full of other girls: “If all their pictures are them in a club with girls draped over them – it’s a no!” 

Do smile: “A good photo is literally a nice picture of them smiling, maybe a funny one and then a sporty one, too”

Don’t use selfies: “You look friendless” or “really vain”

Don’t upload gym photos: “Just no”

Don’t upload too many pet photos: “You look like a cat-obsessed freak”

Don’t include photos where you’re topless but have no excuse for being topless: “It’s so off-putting I wouldn’t even give you a chance”

Writing your bio

Do include how tall you are: “The best place to discover it isn’t when you stand up to leave at the end of the evening”

Do say something about yourself: “I hate cheesy texts but it is quite nice if they have a bit about them so you know if you have stuff in common”

Don’t copy everyone else: “Put something that will stand out. The worst is one of those generic ones like ‘Be nice to me – I’m new'”

Swiping left or right 

Don’t drink and date: “Don’t swipe when drunk, message when drunk, or even think about Tinder when drunk”

Don’t swipe every single person you see right and then not speak to them because you’re simply trying to find out what proportion of the population find you attractive: “The real number is likely much, much lower”

Don’t match with friends or acquaintances for a laugh: “It will quickly get weird and one of you will have to block the other”

Don’t match with anyone who poses in their profile picture with a large animal such as a tiger or monkey: “Avoid. At all costs”

Introducing yourself 

Do talk first: “Otherwise you’re never going to have a conversation”

Or maybe don’t. There’s a bit of a debate there: “The guy should always message first – they are making so little effort romantically, it’s the least they can do”

Don’t have double standards. “Don’t demand the other person starts the conversation, while simultaneously insisting that the opener must be amazing”

Don’t respond to anyone whose opening gambit is ‘do you like cats?’: “The rest of the conversation is unlikely to bode well”

Don’t spend time talking to people who insult you: “They probably don’t have a wicked sense of humour and are in fact just a d***head”

Arranging a date 

Do message before meeting, but for no longer than a week: “You only know if you actually fancy each other once you meet up”

Don’t cancel: “Don’t arrange a date if you cant be bothered to go”

Do be inventive: “Boris bikes, secret bars, table football, ping pong, badminton, live music and pub lunches… all good experiences”

The first date

Do tell a friend where you’re going on your first date with someone: “Just in case they turn out to be a psycho”

Do know who you are meeting: “I was waiting outside a bar to meet a guy and he went up to the girl next to me and introduced himself. Cringe!”

Don’t try to hide the fact you have children: “My worst date was with a guy who’d lied about the fact he had been with his child all weekend. I thought he had been away with friends”

Or a wife: “I quickly left that one!”

Don’t get bored while your date is in the loo and go on Tinder: “If you do that, make sure they don’t see you on Tinder. Or show them your phone by mistake”

Don’t be too full on: “My worst first date was when the guy tried to hold hands. Eurgh”

Date two and beyond…

Don’t stick around if someone calls you their girlfriend/boyfriend after two dates: “If they start referring to their other girlfriend, run even faster”

Don’t believe anyone who says they want to be your friend after ending things: “Chances are they just don’t want to burn their bridges”


The Secret World of Tinder is on tonight at 10:00pm on Channel 4 

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