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Would you rather the BBC scrapped The Victoria Derbyshire Show or Question Time?

VOTE | The daytime investigative series is under threat due to cost-cutting, but some viewers would rather lose political debate show Question Time. Vote in our poll to have your say

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Published: Friday, 24th January 2020 at 12:39 pm

The news that daytime BBC2 current affairs programme The Victoria Derbyshire Show is facing cancellation due to cost-cutting measures has been met with outrage from many viewers, who cite the show's investigative journalism and the platform it provides for marginalised voices as reasons to keep it.


Meanwhile, others have gone as far as to suggest that the corporation should instead consider scrapping BBC1's Thursday night political debate show Question Time, which has been criticised by some for controversial panel bookings and political bias.

On the other hand, Question Time is a national institution, which has been bringing political debate to our living rooms for over 40 years.

So we wondered which show viewers would really rather see scrapped if savings are imperative at the BBC.

Is a daytime show like Victoria Derbyshire expendable? Or has Question Time had its time?


If one of them had to be cancelled, which would you rather see go? Cast your vote in our poll and let us know...


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