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The Undoing star Hugh Grant reveals the "creepy" inspiration for his Sky Atlantic role

The big screen star has been tempted back to television by the HBO/Sky Atlantic series.

Hugh Grant stars in The Undoing on Sky Atlantic and HBO
Published: Thursday, 6th August 2020 at 9:01 pm

HBO has confirmed the Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant thriller series The Undoing will premiere in October and the stars have talked more about the series that asks the question, "How well do we know anyone?"


Grant plays a children's oncologist in The Undoing, which revolves around the narrative of a wealthy family's lives turned upside down by a sudden, shocking death and a chain of awful revelations.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star revealed to EW his unusual inspiration for Jonathan Fraser. "One of the things I kept writing down — and I make pages and pages of notes — but one of the things I kept coming back to was bedside manner," he said.

"That sort of smooth and marvellous way a doctor approaches a patient, relaxed and calming and smooth and elegant, and in a way, too good to be true. A savior. I’ve always found that creepy," he laughed.

"I used that a lot and I think that’s kind of how he is in his whole life, his incredible ability to project calm and authority."

The Undoing, Hugh Grant

Kidman plays wife, therapist Grace Fraser, and gave more detail about story's mystery: "As much as it's a classic thriller with all these cliffhangers, there are really complex themes, particularly about choosing to see what you want to see and what we would choose to believe."


When Kidman was asked to join the project by her Big Little Lies boss David E Kelley, she didn't demur. "It was right after Big Little Lies and [David] had written the first two episodes and he gave them to me and said, 'Do you want to play Grace?' I read it and went, 'Oh my god, give me the next one."

She was surprised to secure Grant as her husband, however. When director Susanne Bier suggested him for the part, Kidman doubted it would happen.

"...I was like, 'We'll never get him,'" she said. "I knew him socially, but had never worked with him. So we were really fortunate to get him."

The Undoing will stream on HBO from 25th October and will follow on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on 26th October.


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