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BBC to air new Michael Palin 'nostalgic' docuseries Michael Palin's Travels

The Monty Python member will reflect on his travels for a new BBC Two documentary.

Michael Palin Travels
Published: Friday, 7th August 2020 at 12:38 pm

Though travelling is mostly off the cards amid pandemic, that doesn't mean we can't reminisce. Michael Palin will be the subject of a four-part documentary for BBC Two reflecting on his many adventures around the world - in some cases literally.


The four-episode series - aptly titled Michael Palin's Travels - will see the Monty Python member reflect on how travel has evolved over time and how globalisation has impacted it.

It will also feature insight from other famous faces, though there's no news as yet of who these might be.

In a BBC statement, Palin said of the new series: "When I went Round The World In 80 Days back in 1988, I had no idea that travel would become an addiction, and that I would spend the coming decades filming these spectacular series across the globe.

"Luckily, I kept a diary, and in this series I’m digging into my archives to revisit some of the amazing places and people I visited, and asking myself - how did travel change my life?"

Beejal Patel, Commissioning Executive for the BBC, added: “As well as being an exceptional storyteller, Michael connected us with places and people that had never been seen before in such a relatable way.

"Michael has a lifetime of fascinating tales and anecdotes from his career as a television traveller with the BBC that make for a perfect excuse to travel back in time. I know this nostalgic production for BBC Two will inspire young and old to learn about the vibrant and diverse world we live in."

"It’s a real honour and privilege to work with Michael on this project," said Executive Producer Iain Scollay says. "While we all dream of foreign travel, to have Michael open up his private archive and replay the extraordinary trips of his life has been a wonderful treat."


Michael Palin's Travels is expected to air later this year on BBC Two. Find out what's good to watch with our TV Guide.


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