Everybody made the same joke when they saw what the Queen was wearing for the State Opening

Nope. Nothing funny about that hat at all


After two weeks of political twist and turns, Queen Elizabeth II formally opened parliament, announcing another year of our centuries-old democratic institution. And everyone couldn’t help laughing.


But there was a good reason. You see, instead of wearing her normal crown ‘n’ cape regal getup, the Queen’s blue outfit couldn’t help remind viewers of another key European power…

What happened to the actual crown? It arrived in its own car. Which, of course, Twitter made no jokes about.


But this wasn’t the only crowning glory of the afternoon. Labour MP Dennis Skinner delivered another classic heckle to Black Rod. This year he quipped: “Get your skates on. The first race is at half past two,” referencing the Royal Ascot races, an event the Queen is always keen to attend.

Also, viewers couldn’t help notice the frosty atmosphere between Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on their walk to the House of Lords…

There was also the matter of President Donald Trump: there’s a good chance he’s not heading to the UK soon. Although the Queen spelled out plans for various state visits, the US president wasn’t mentioned.


Please never change, Twitter.