Brighton woman who Donald Trump mistook for his daughter Ivanka: “my politics couldn’t be further from his”

Ivanka Majic says the responses she received on Twitter to Trump's accidental tweet were "a mixed bag"


There’s no denying that Donald Trump’s an experienced Twitter user, but he clearly needs to pay a little more attention to his punctuation after inadvertently including the account of an innocent British woman in one of his posts.


Ivanka Majic, a council worker from Brighton, whose Twitter handle is simply @Ivanka, has been inundated with messages meant for the president elect’s daughter Ivanka Trump after her dad quoted a favourable tweet about her – reportedly changing a capital G to a small one and adding a comma, but failing to close up the all-important space between Ivanka Trump’s first and last names to form the correct Twitter account @IvankaTrump.

Majic said the responses she received were “a mixed bag”, and revealed that she had been living with the issue throughout the US presidential election.

“It’s not a new thing. I’ve had the @Ivanka handle for a long time, it’s my name, all the way through the election I’ve been tweeted,” she told Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. “I am smart enough to switch off my phone and notifications before I go to sleep, [but] I woke up this morning there was a mixed bag… some people clock quite quickly who I am, apologise, some people engage, some people are rude, I’ve tried various ways of handling it.”

Majic – whose Twitter bio makes clear she is a Labour supporter – was also at pains to point out that her own politics were not aligned with the Trumps’.

“I did during the election have a Twitter box encouraging people to vote for Hillary [Clinton]. It’s also quite amusing because I’m getting all this attention and yet my politics couldn’t be further from Donald Trump’s. So rather than being concerned about the space he puts in his tweets, I’m more concerned about his stance on climate change.”

Could Majic’s new found fame be harnessed as a force for good? Donald Trump’s friend Piers Morgan had one suggestion: “You should write to Donald Trump today, tweet him and say you’re prepared to advise him on his presidency, now that he’s brought you into his Twitter sphere.”


Two Ivankas advising President Trump? This is going to get even more confusing…