Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer to celebrate 25 years as a double act with live tour

Comedy duo ask fans to suggest favourite characters and songs

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are going on the road, with a tour of UK theatres. Titled The Poignant Moments, the show will include classic characters from the duo’s 25 years working together.


Bob took to Twitter to announce the tour, and invited fans to suggest their favourite sketches for inclusion.

Later, when the tickets went on sale, the comedian confirmed a number of characters had already made the cut.

The Poignant Moment kicks off this November. Thus far 14 dates have been confirmed in cities across Scotland, England and Wales.

Vic (James Roderick Moir) and Bob (Robert Mortimer)  first teamed up for the barmy Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out in 1990, before creating classics includingShooting Stars and House of Fools, currently showing on BBC2.

“Playing in front of a living audience is where it all began for us, Bob Mortimer explained in a statement. “Some people feel most alive when they are e.g. on fire or in Turkey, but for us the stage is where we thrive. I will ensure that Vic arrives at all dates smartly dressed and unarmed. I promise not to mention football, JLS or apricots during the performances. Should you choose to attend, be warned, I will be not be wearing a toupé.” 

Vic Reeves added: “Destiny has led us to this point in time. Now, finally the diversion of Reeves & Mortimer can be revealed in full extent through a cornucopia of preposterous doggerel etc.”

Etc indeed. Here’s a sample of their work, in case you need reminding. WARNING: cooking doesn’t get more disturbing than this.


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