Veep series two preview & the best one-liners

Armando Iannucci satire sees a slightly more confident Selina Meyer in the Vice Presidential hot seat - as well as a host of cracking put-downs when it returns tonight to Sky Atlantic

Reschedule your diaries, rev up the Vice Presidential limo and get your aides to take their fingers outta their butts – Veep is back tonight.


The satire from Armando Iannucci sees the arrival of some new characters (like senior strategist Kent Davison and Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty) doing their best to make the life of Julia-Louis Dreyfus’s hapless Vice Prez Selina Meyer even more difficult. And of course there are a host of cracking one-liners.

While the show perhaps has less of the quick-fire vinegary nastiness of its British sister The Thick of It, there were some pretty memorable one-liners/putdowns in series one. Remember when Selina is told her nicknames – Mrs Doubt-meyer and Tawdry Hepburn? Or the time her assistant Dan says of her: “She’s mediocre. Of all the ocres, she’s the mediest”.

Well this series sees Selina settling into her office. She seems less disaster prone than in series one, and is actually given a role in foreign affairs. There is also more interaction with the White House, and the producers have recreated offices in the West Wing as well as the Oval Office itself (although it’s primary function in episode one is a scene in which Selina manages to tread pink lipstick into the large round blue carpet bearing the Presidential seal).

And thankfully Jonah is back. The odious West Wing liaison guy who everybody hates but who has to get in the fact that he works for the President of the United States (POTUS) into every sentence is as hilariously repulsive as ever. In fact Iannucci said at the launch of series two that, such is the success of the show, these kinds of people are now actually called Jonahs in the actual White House.

Series two will also feature a clash with some British politicians when Meyer flies to the UK and British actress Sally Phillips will also be making a cameo as the Prime Minister of Finland.

But what are the best five lines from the new series?

Well in no particular here they are:

You work for the Vice President, it’s not like it’s Google

– Veep assistant’s Amy’s sister delivers a withering put down on her sibling

Jesus, I feel like my virginity growing back in here

– Selina’s deputy assistant Dan finds it difficult discussing strategy with a cabal of polling statisticians

I am about to enter a massive ass-kicking contest with no legs… and a massive ass

– Selina Meyer senses trouble ahead

Here he is, a man who cannot take a leak without polling his balls

– Ben Cafferty (Kevin Dunn) slam dunks White House adviser Kent Davison (Gary Cole)

This isn’t a POTUS thing, why is SCROTUS here?

Mike objects to the presence of oleaginous White House aide Jonah

Selina: Hey Jonah, listen, settle something for me, you like to have sex and you like to travel?

Jonah: Yes, ma’am

Selina: Then f*** off!

This time Selina objects to the presence of oleaginous White House aide Jonah…