Seth Macfarlane feels overwhelmed by Doctor Who

The Ted and Family Guy creator wants to start watching the BBC1 sci-fi series... but doesn't know where to start!

When it comes to Doctor Who, Seth Macfarlane doesn’t know where to start. Who can blame him? The BBC1 sci-fi series has a 51-year history – that’s 34 series, 12 Doctors and 813 episodes to catch up on. It’s fair to say the Family Guy and Ted creator is a little overwhelmed. “I could never really get into [Doctor Who episodes] as a kid and now I think I probably can but there’s so many of them,” he told us.


The writer, actor and comedian was in town last month to discuss his comedy sequel Ted 2 which sees Jon Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and furry friend Ted (Macfarlane) visit New York Comic-Con. But while his character gets well acquainted with the cosplay and exhibits of the fan event, the man himself admits he’s “got too old to appreciate it.”

“When I was 12 years old I would have just s**t myself to be in this environment, I would have wished I could buy myself all these things and now I can afford them I don’t care as much so it’s kind of a cruel joke of the universe.”

Click play above to watch the full interview. Ted 2 is out in UK cinemas now

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