Rory Bremner to satirise Scottish politics in one-off comedy special

Rory Goes to Holyrood will see the impressionist try to determine whether there are any laughs to be had from Scottish independence

Impressionist and Strictly Come Dancing veteran Rory Bremner is getting set to take a satirical look at the issue of Scottish independence in a new one-off BBC comedy programme called Rory Goes to Holyrood.


The Scottish comedian, who has spent most of his life in England, will return to his homeland in the programme and discover that he’s not quite up-to-date with the current state of Scottish politics.

He’ll journey from Aberdeen to Westminster during the special, meeting politicians, personalities and the public along the way, before performing a stand-up gig in Edinburgh based on the wealth of knowledge and material he amasses on his tour.

“Coming back to Scotland in the run-up to the Referendum, I realised I knew almost nothing about Scottish Politics. Time I did,” said Bremner. “And why is there so little political comedy in Scotland outside the Parliament? Time to make sense (and nonsense) of it all.”

Ewan Angus, Executive Producer, BBC Scotland, added: “We’re delighted Rory is coming home to cast his eye over the landscape. His razor-sharp observations and impressions will give the audience a different perspective on the referendum story.”

As well as new material and impressions, Bremner will deploy some of his best-known voices and routines in his quest to discover whether satire exists in Scottish politics.


Rory Goes to Holyrood is tentatively scheduled to air later this year.