Ricky Gervais hints at a return for David Brent and The Office

As The Office: An American Workplace announces its final season, the comedian says he might just bring back Brent...

For a US spin-off of a British show, The Office: An American Workplace has had a good run, but it’s yet-to-be-aired ninth series will be its last.


The departure of Steve Carell, who played David Brent’s US counterpart Michael Scott, at the end of series seven meant its days were numbered, despite the appearance of guest-stars including Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, our own Catherine Tate and Ricky Gervais himself.

But now Gervais has hinted that we may not have seen the last of the original “chilled out entertainer” David Brent…

Following the announcement that the US Office would be coming to an end, Gervais tweeted: 

Gervais is a notorious tease, so he could just be playing with us, but Brent and The Office are held in great affection, not just by fans but by the man himself, and a return certainly doesn’t seem out of the question.


Created, written and directed by Gervais and Stephen Merchant, The Office first aired in July 2001 and ran for two six-episode series, plus a Christmas special, before the comedian called time on it in 2003.