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Remember the Friends episode where Chandler died?

Could we BE any more weirded out?

Published: Wednesday, 19th October 2016 at 7:18 am

Remember Friends? Remember the one where they all fight at Thanksgiving? Remember the one where they switch apartments? Remember the one where Chandler dies and the others help his soul pass from the other side?



Let us refresh your memory.

Yes, this truly impressive slice of weirdness splices together episodes and some jarring VFX to create a very dark end to the beloved sitcom.

According to creator Kieran Humphries, it started out as a 90 second joke, before eventually hitting "just 6 minutes shy of the standard 22-min episode length," involving "around 125 FX shots and parts of around 125 episodes of the 236 made."

He says the result is "at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting." Just like The One With The Giant Poking Device.


We love the commitment, but must ask, what is it with Friends and incredibly dark fan fiction?


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