Rachel Weisz, Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks and George Clooney star in “non-existent” movie

Movie: the Movie 2 sees Hollywood's A-list team up to make a star-studded parody film trailer for US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rachel Weisz, Jude Law and Samuel L Jackson are among the galaxy of stars who appear in the epic 8-minute ‘trailer’ for Jimmy Kimmel’s fictitious film Movie: the Movie 2.


Each year, the US chat-show Jimmy Kimmel Live follows up the Oscars with a star-studded sketch, and last year’s was a trailer for Movie: the Movie.

Billed as a teaser for “the biggest, most star studded and spectacular non-existent film the world has ever seen”, the original Movie: the Movie trailer parodied every conceivable Hollywood cliché and starred the likes of Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks and George Clooney.

The clip notched up more than 20m views on YouTube and was screened in more than 5000 cinemas across America.

So naturally, Kimmel’s produced a sequel, which counts Armie Hammer, Gerard Butler, Oprah Winfrey and Matt Damon among its A-list line-up:

If you enjoyed that, you can also check out a making-of video of the parody below: