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Peter Kay says sorry to fans for ending Car Share: "I didn’t mean to upset anybody"

Comedian calls up BBC Radio Manchester to confirm there will be no more of his BBC sitcom - and adds that it wasn’t a publicity stunt

Published: Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 2:41 pm

Peter Kay has apologised to fans for upsetting them over the decision to end his comedy Peter Kay’s Car Share.


Today the comedian once again called up BBC Radio Manchester – the station where he dropped the bombshell news yesterday – to confirm that there wouldn’t be any more of the show or a Christmas special. But he did at least say sorry for the upset he has caused.

“I am sorry I have upset people,” he told presenter Becky Want, adding that he did not expect the reaction to his news which has prompted thousands of fans to beg him to reconsider.

“Sian [Gibson, his co-star] put her phone on and had about 50 messages. And she said ‘what have you said, my phone’s gone mental?’.

“I just mentioned that that we weren't doing another one. That’s just the truth. I didn’t mean to upset anybody. I didn’t think there would be petitions.”

Kay added: “I am sorry I have upset people. There were a lot of funny things in last night’s episode. People are forgetting things like us hanging out of a front room window. They are just concentrating on the ending.”

However, he denied that his decision to announce the show’s conclusion in a phone call to the station was a cry for attention.

“I think people thought it was a publicity stunt but what happened was I heard you were doing a Car Share playlist with the lovely tribute so I thought it would be quite nice because I can basically see where you are from the roof of my house and I thought it would be lovely to give you a call and thank you.

“I never intended to talk about Car Share. You asked me about series three and I said I didn’t think there was going to be another, which there isn’t going to be, or a Christmas special. But I think people thought it was some kind of publicity plan.”

He said he was upset filming the final scenes in which – spoilers! – his character John’s slow-burning romance with Kayleigh Kitson (Sian Gibson) came to an abrupt stop after Kayleigh revealed she wanted more, and John panicked.

By the time he’d recovered and set up a radio dedication for her, she’d gone – leaving John to dream of what might have been in a scene in which he fantasised about walking over parked cars to be with her and engage in a passionate kiss.


But when it ended he was still in his car. The last we saw of him he was telling his nan on the phone: "Yeah I'm done".

Kay said the ending was “very similar to La La Land,” a fact he only noticed when he saw the film after shooting the last series of Car Share.

“I get a bit teary as well. .. it was hard to film. We did three takes and we only used the first one. It was quite sad when she got out, a bit strange.”

In true Peter Kay style he added that he was taking his real Nan out to Blackpool for fish and chips today, putting her on the phone to tell Radio Manchester how proud she was of her grandson.



So there is at least one truly happy ending to be had…


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