MC Grindah talks love, Trump and Kurupt FM

The much sought-after garage MC speaks exclusively to


“Powerful, gorgeous, lyricist.” These are the three words that MC Grindah, head honcho of Kurupt FM, would use to describe himself.


To mark the end of the third series of People Just Do Nothing on BBC Two tonight, met with Allan Mustafa, who plays MC Grindah in the mockumentary about a pirate radio station in Brentford, and had a chat with him in character.

The lines between fiction and reality were slightly blurred though, as Allan’s “getting in character” literally consisted of swapping the colour of his cap from brown to black. And before the interview, we were asked by his people if we’d be sending a car, Chabuddy G style.

But Allan is based in Kingston, not Brentford. Which is a whole 7 miles away. So MC Grindah must be a fictional personality, musn’t he?

Watch our interview with All- sorry, MC Grindah, below.


The last episode of People Just Do Nothing airs on BBC2 at 10pm tonight