Karen Gillan went to spin classes to work on her American accent

The former Doctor Who star says she watched a lot of US television and went to exercise classes to get the "specific" Valley girl accent for her Selfie character

Scottish actress Karen Gillan found a novel way to work on her US accent for her latest show Selfie – attending spin classes in the US.


Of course, the former Doctor Who star did the usual tricks of watching a lot of US television – including Lena Dunham’s Girls – too but at the exercise classes Gillan found she could pick up the very specific accent she was seeking.

“It’s like, a little like this, with the upward inflection and things and the croak,” she says, doing a quick impression for US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

“Very LA. Very California Valley,” Kimmel confirms.


That did mean having to hop on a bike to prep for her role (“It seems like there must be an easier way!” says Kimmel) but hey, two birds, one stone and all that.