Johnny Depp tearing off Donald Trump’s face is truly terrifying

It's the actor's most amazing transformation yet


Just when you thought this US election cycle couldn’t get any weirder, here’s a video of Donald Trump tearing off his own face to reveal Johnny Depp underneath.


Warning: this isn’t gory, but that won’t stop it giving you nightmares. Also there’s a swear word in it.

Confused? That’s understandable.

In brief, Funny or Die made an hour long ‘adaptation’ of Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, starring Johnny Depp as the Republican frontrunner. Depp and Trump don’t look all that alike, so some pretty substantial prosthetics were required. Clearly, Depp couldn’t wait to peel it off.


It’s like a scene from Mission: Impossible, if the mission was to infiltrate the GOP.