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"Partners-in-crime" Mel and Sue tease new Sky1 assassin sitcom Hitmen

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have paired up for a brand-new show

Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc
Published: Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 7:30 am

The "partners-in-crime" are back together as Bake Off duo Mel and Sue reunite for their new Sky1 show Hitmen – and this time they're being literal.


As reported in September 2018, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc will pair up for their first-ever sitcom, playing two best friends who also happen to be inept killers.

Sue, who quit The Great British Bake Off in 2017 alongside her co-host Mel when it moved from the BBC to Channel 4, shared a picture featuring the two of them in the porch of a blue-painted wooden caravan or hut.

Mel and Sue will play hitwomen Jamie and Fran, two misfit contract killers who are appalling at their job – leading them into bizarre mishaps and dilemmas.

Written by Joe Parham and Joe Markham with some script input from Mel and Sue, the drama will see Jamie and Fran working out of their scruffy van and will feature "incompetence, bickering, and inane antics."

"I can't wait to sit for months on end in a hot van with my old, flatulent, double act partner," Perkins said in a statement when the project was announced.

Mel added: "It's 30 years ago that I met Sue Perkins, and we had happy times together playing ridiculous characters, then spent hours in a fetid van in order to release them around the country.


"Essentially nothing has changed in the Mel/Sue collective. And that's a great comfort."


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