Harry Enfield reveals Prince Charles’ secret twin brother Chuck in new clip for Channel 4’s The Windsors

Didn’t you know that the heir to the throne had a twin? Well you do now….


This Wednesday’s visit to Channel 4’s wickedly funny royal family spoof The Windsors sees the clan troop off for a spot of pheasant shooting in Sandringham.


But actor Harry Enfield gets a field day of his own when he gets to play not one but TWO versions of Prince Charles, when the heir to the throne’s identical twin brother Chuck is discovered in the attic. And if that’s not shocking enough, he happens to be the oldest twin and therefore the rightful next monarch.

Will Camilla (Haydn Gwynner) prefer him to the man she married? And will he make a better King?

Here is an exclusive taster clip to whet your appetite:

In other news about tonight’s episode, Vicki Pepperdine’s creepy Mrs Danvers-style Princess Anne makes a welcome return to the fray, gleefully overseeing hapless Harry’s duel with Pippa’s psychotic billionaire husband.


The Windsors is on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 10pm