Gold commissions YouTube mashup from Cassetteboy

Watch the video prankster's sting for the channel's summer season of classic sitcoms

Digital channel Gold has commissioned YouTube mash-up king Cassetteboy to kick off its summer season of classic sitcoms with a brand-new compilation video.


The clip, which includes scenes from Fawlty Towers, The Royle Family and Men Behaving Badly, is done in the video-maker’s traditional style of reordering out-of-context footage and audio to create a short, irreverent burst of fun.

Gold’s summer season will apparently pivot around what the channel sees as the five key ingredients to a classic sitcom, laid out in their press release thus: “The sidekick, the powerful woman, the situation, the love story and, of course, the flawed hero.”

Over the next five weeks, the channel will be showing what it considers the best examples of sitcoms that conform to their theory, with the first seven days being “sidekick week”, focusing on Baldrick in Blackadder.

If you enjoy Cassetteboy’s Gold mash-up, check out the rest of his cheeky oeuvre on his YouTube channel.