Count Arthur Strong returns: the Twitter reaction

Often referred to as 'Marmite' TV, there was a lot of love for the second series of Graham Linehan and Steve Delaney's comedy, now on BBC1

Previously on Radio 4, then BBC2 and now BBC1, the adventures of Steve Delaney’s confused music-hall veteran – directed and co-written for TV by Graham Linehan – have often been described as ‘Marmite’: you either love it or hate it.


Speaking at the 2013 Edinburgh TV Festival, former BBC2 boss Janice Hadlow said this wasn’t something she wanted to shy away from. “Strong flavours”, even if they can be “divisive”, are OK by her.

And it looks like her gamble – plus a switch to BBC1 in a post-watershed slot – has paid off, with overnight ratings jumping to 1.83 million, up from 971,000 at the end of series one on BBC2.

Indeed, while some will never be convinced…

There was an awful lot of love on Twitter as the second series kicked off last night:

For some, Count Arthur Strong is an aspiration

For others, he’s a voice of reason

Capital letters always mean excitement

Delaney’s co-star Rory Kinnear earned high praise

Next door had better buy some ear plugs… 

Favourite shows were being blasted out of the water

There were tears

Some already want more…

There were some, unexpected, responses

Others have already watched it three times…

Missed out? Linehan has a suggestion


Count Arthur Strong continues next Tuesday at 10:35pm on BBC1