Chris Pratt rumoured to play Indiana Jones

Disney is reportedly eyeing up the Guardians of the Galaxy star for its upcoming reboot of the Harrison Ford classic

Everyone’s favourite Star Lord may be braving 1930s Peru for his next adventure.


Yes, Disney is planning to resurrect Indiana Jones and Chris Pratt is their top choice to play the daredevil archaeologist, according to Deadline.

While it’s merely a rumour at this stage, casting Pratt as the action hero made famous by Harrison Ford would come as little surprise given his recent high-profile roles. The Minnesota actor played the lead in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy last year and this summer will lead an ensemble cast in the much-anticipated Jurassic World.

Jones fans and Pratt devotees shouldn’t get too excited yet: if he is cast, it’s likely to be a long wait. Pratt has a busy couple of years ahead of him with the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel slated for 2017, and a Magnificent Seven remake already in progress.


Disney bought the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount in 2013. This reboot follows their much-anticipated revival of the Star Wars franchise with the first instalment, The Force Awakens, set to premiere in December, and casting for other spin-offs under way.