Fresh Meat series 3 – first look pictures

Vod, JP, Oregon, Kingsley, Howard and Josie are joined by newcomer Candice as they head back to Manchester for their second year...

Throw on your dressing gown, crack open the nearest can of beer and toast the return of one of our favourite comedies. Yup, Fresh Meat is back on our screens for another series of wasted antics, misguided romance and some occasionally heartwarming friendship, as Vod, Oregon, JP, Kingsley and Howard return to Manchester for their second year.


But where’s Josie? Her room is occupied by timid fresher Candice (played by The White Queen’s Faye Marsay) but fear not, she’s still in touch with the gang via iPad. Also in tow is Vod’s Mexican beefcake lover, Javier. He doesn’t speak a word of English but has a penchant for daytime television. Oh, and Oregon’s on a one-woman crusade to save the planet. Nothing much has changed, then.

Take a look at what the Fresh Meat gang are getting up to now they’re no longer freshers… 

Here they are back in their crusty student abode. JP’s trousers should come with a warning. 

Trying their ‘moves’ out on the naive newcomers…

Great jumper, Howard. 

That lady’s obviously disappointed you’ve taken it off…

JP’s got his name badge. Nothing can stop him. 

And newcomer Candice is looking justifiably terrified. 

They look pleased to see you, Josie. 

Has she spied Kingsley’s trilby?

Oh good, he’s taken it off. 

Looks like lovebirds Josie and Kingsley are getting along swimmingly – and we reckon that’s the back of Vod’s hunky Javier… 

Fresh Meat returns to Channel 4 later this autumn