Who plays Ed Bailey in Coronation Street? Where you’ve seen Trevor Michael Georges before

Ed Bailey clashes with Ken as the new family the Baileys join Coronation Street


New Coronation Street patriarch Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) was seen having some fun at the expense of his neighbours when he arrived on the scene in the soap.


After being mistaken by Ken (William Roache) for a builder rather than the new owner of No 3, Ed decided to paint a negative picture of the house’s new occupants. Weatherfield stalwart Ken was left worried that he’ll be living next door to the neighbours from hell after Ed told him that the new family has 10 children – each with a pet of their own.

Already incensed that noisy renovation work on the property means that he’s unable to hear the documentary he’s watching on TV, Ken later revealed that he may have to sell up if the “cacophony” doesn’t die down! And Wednesday’s episode sees matters escalating when Ken demands to know the name of the person who’s bought the property, only for a mischievous Ed to hand over his wife Aggie’s details. So how long will it before the penny drops for the beleaguered Mr Barlow?

Where have you seen actor Trevor Michael Georges before?

The actor has had guest roles on many high-profile TV dramas down the years, most notably as the vicar at Donna Noble’s aborted wedding in the Doctor Who episode The Runaway Bride. He has also appeared on the likes of EastEnders, Whitechapel, Doctors, People Just Do Nothing and Holby City.


Do Ed and Ken eventually become friends?

You’ll be heartened to know that the current animosity between Nos 1 and 3 doesn’t become an all-out war. In fact fun-spirited Ed will eventually become part of Ken Barlow and Roy Cropper’s friendship group, and may even engage in some vinyl swapping with Ken. “I have never allowed myself to imagine being part of such a massive TV icon,” said Trevor Michael Georges of his signing to the Street. “To read a script where my character is chatting away with Ken Barlow is humbling – and scary!”

What will be the Baileys’ first major storyline?

Once the family are embedded onto Coronation Street, their first big plotline will focus on football-playing son James (Nathan Graham), who we first met a few weeks ago when he clashed with stressed-out cabbie Steve. James’s budding sporting career comes under the spotlight when he comes out as gay and finds himself the victim of homophobia in the football industry.


“We wanted to look at homophobia in football and do a modern story about coming out,” said Corrie producer Iain MacLeod. “James knows who he is but he is apprehensive about his teammates finding out. He’s on the cusp of bigger things in his football career and aware homophobia on the terraces is fairly rampant. He’s scared about the reaction.”


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