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Doctor Who

  • Season 6
  • 13 episodes
  • Drama


Adventures across history and space with the time-travelling hero.


Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut


Part one of two. Three envelopes coloured the Tardis's distinctive shade of blue summon the Doctor, Amy and Rory to the middle of the Utah desert, where they are reunited with the enigmatic River Song. With the mysterious missives still unexplained, the time traveller agrees to investigate further, and his quest takes him to 1969 - and an encounter with US president Richard Nixon and a sinister astronaut.


“Space, 1969!” purrs a gleeful Time Lord, reunited with pals Amy, Rory and River in the middle of the Wild West. Neil Armstrong is about to set foot on the Moon, so why is President Nixon preoccupied with eerie late-night phone calls? Who is the child in danger? And which of our time-travelling heroes is about to meet a shocking demise..? This opener is hugely entertaining, witty and bamboozling — it demands our close attention, not only to follow the ingenious, mind-warping plot but also to stay alert for small, significant details. Head Whoncho Steven Moffat says he’s “putting the Who? back into the Doctor” this year, but he’s also putting the frighteners on: “Children rank the episodes in order of frightening-ness.” And be assured, this marks a return to proper, scary Doctor Who — with a sinister Apollo astronaut and new foe, the Silence. Echoing the tormented soul in Munch’s The Scream, they lurk on the fringes of our perception, and one gives Amy a nasty turn in a White House lavatory. Parents, be warned: the Doctor’s tiniest addicts will surely be quailing behind any available upholstery and, with any luck, grown-ups will get the heebie-jeebies, too.

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The DoctorMatt Smith
Amy PondKaren Gillan
Rory WilliamsArthur Darvill
River SongAlex Kingston
Canton DelawareMark Sheppard
Old Canton DelawareWilliam Morgan Sheppard
President Richard NixonStuart Milligan
CarlChuk Iwuji
PhilMark Griffin
The SilentMarnix Van Den Broeke
Little girlSydney Wade
JoyNancy Baldwin
Captain SimmonsAdam Napier
MatildaHenrietta Clemett
CharlesPaul Critoph
Prison guardKieran O'Connor
BusboyEmilio Aquino


DirectorToby Haynes
ProducerMarcus Wilson
WriterSteven Moffat

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