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Fireman Sam

  • 2012
  • Season 6
  • 26 episodes
  • Children's


More adventures in Pontypandy with the nation's favourite emergency worker.


Towering Inferno/The New Hero Next Door/When Fools Rush In/Flood's Flood/Stranded


Norman Price Mandy Flood and the twins play hide and seek but Norman tries to hide in the fire tower while the firefighters are running a drill. Fireman Sam comes to the rescue. / Mandy wants to film a rescue but the Fire Brigade don't have anyone to rescue. Sarah James and Norman fake an emergency but Charlie thinks Sarah's cries for help are real. / James wants to get Bronwyn something special for her birthday and borrows Station Officer Steele's metal detector to find ancient coins but he gets trapped near the cliffs. / As preparations are made for a Pontypandy Karaoke night Sam and the other firefighters prepare for a drill. / It is Fireman Sam's day off but it doesn't last! He saves Mike Flood from the roof and saves Norman Price from quicksand.

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