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The Sopranos

  • 2007
  • Season 6
  • 21 episodes
  • Drama


The first half of sixth season of the popular drama series. In this season several crises threaten Tony and his crew. Firstly, rival boss Johnny Sack (Vince Curatola) is in prison, and the always-tense relations The final installment of HBO's acclaimed drama series The Sopranos is filled with some of the darkest hours the well-drawn characters have ever faced. Having cheated death after being s...


Episode 5: Mr & Mrs John Sacrimoni Request


Johnny Sack is granted temporary leave from prison so he can attend his daughter's wedding, where he puts pressure on Tony to kill Rusty Millio. The gangster agrees, though it is apparent he is still weak from the shooting, so he later tries to prove his strength by picking a fight at the Pork Store. Junior continues to protest his innocence, and lawyers argue over his mental stability.

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Tony SopranoJames Gandolfini
Carmela SopranoEdie Falco
Dr Jennifer MelfiLorraine Bracco
Christopher MoltisantiMichael Imperioli
Corrado `Uncle Junior' SopranoDominic Chianese
Silvio DanteSteven Van Zandt
Paulie `Walnuts' GualtieriTony Sirico
Anthony `AJ' Soprano JrRobert Iler
Meadow SopranoJamie-Lynn Sigler
Bobby `Bacala' BaccalieriSteve Schirripa
Johnny `Sack' SacramoniVincent Curatola
Phil LeotardoFrank Vincent
Vito Spatafore JrJoseph R Gannascoli
Patsy ParisiDan Grimaldi
Rosalie AprileSharon Angela
Eddie PietroNick Annunziata
Gerry TorcianoJohn Bianco
Ginny `Sack' SacramoniDenise Borino
Vito Spatafore JrFrank Borrelli
Marie SpataforeElizabeth Bracco
Little Paulie GermaniCarl Capotorto
Benny FazioMax Casella
Albie CianfloreJohn `Cha Cha' Ciarcia
Jason MolinaroWilliam DeMeo
Finn DeTrolioWill Janowitz
Patty LeotardoGeraldine LiBrandi
Carlo GervasiArthur J Nascarella
Rusty MillioFrankie Valli
Allegra Marie SacramoniCaitlin Van Zandt
James `Murmur' ZanconeLenny Venito
Gabriella DanteMaureen Van Zandt


DirectorSteve Buscemi
WriterTerence Winter

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