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True Blood

  • 2011
  • Season 4
  • 12 episodes
  • Drama


As if vampires, werewolves, werepanthers and shapeshifters weren't enough, Sookie Stackhouse and her allies in Bon Temps are about to face another round of otherworldly threats. It's time to bare your fangs for Season Four of this acclaimed HBO drama series that continues the story of this human/fairy waitress with telepathic gifts and an irresistible attraction to a vampire named Bill Compton....


Episode 4: I'm Alive and on Fire


Alcide once again finds himself helping Sookie search for one of her vampire acquaintances as the plucky waitress sets out to locate Eric. Meanwhile, Bill discovers he has an unexpected connection to the Bellefleur family, Jason spots a chance to escape from Hot Shot, and Sam finds his way into Luna's inner circle. Supernatural drama, starring Anna Paquin, Joe Manganiello and Stephen Moyer.


A real tease of an episode. Just how long will it be before Sookie succumbs to amnesiac Eric, who’s no longer the “happy vampire” of fond memory? (Although I don’t think Lafayette sees it that way, as he and Tara put pressure on witch Marnie to undo her spell on the Viking vamp.)

And when Eric runs off, drunk on fairy blood, who’s Sookie gonna call? Moody and magnificent Alcide, of course, who’s happy to strip off for everyone’s benefit. A naked Eric giggling, a naked Alcide snarling? Now that’s entertainment…

Elsewhere, change is surely afoot for “ghost-daddy” Jason.

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Alcide HerveauxJoe Manganiello
Sookie StackhouseAnna Paquin
Bill ComptonStephen Moyer
Jason StackhouseRyan Kwanten
Sam MerlotteSam Trammell
Andy BellefleurChris Bauer
Eric NorthmanAlexander Skarsgard
Terry BellefleurTodd Lowe
LunaJanina Gavankar
Caroline BellefleurKatherine Helmond
Portia BellefleurCourtney Ford

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